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|Tax Return Online-For Police Officers|Fast & Best Refunds in the business.

Lodging tax online with Police Tax is the quick, easy, safe and secure way for you to prepare and lodge your own tax return. Police Officers can be assured a fast tax refund and that they will get a choice of the maximium number of legal police officer tax deductions 2019

You tax might be completed in the clouds ,but your tax refund will be well grounded ! LET's Start!

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Online Web Tax Lodgement

Get your tax done up in the cloud

Police officers the easiest and fastest way to lodge your tax return is online using Police Tax online service. There are a number of online tax packages to choose from to assist you prepare and lodge your tax. If you have used our service before you will have tax information and basic details preloaded. If you’re a first-timePolice officer lodger, there are a few steps you need to follow Steps:Police Officers

  •  Let us know whether you are been to us before.
  •  We can prefill some basic data if we know your history.
  •   If New client fill in some basic information TFN details etc.
  •  Fill in your salary income & any bank interest or investment items.
  •  Add you tax deductions from our drop-down lists.Police Officers
  •  Lodge securely to our office & see result back on your screen.
  •  We always call you with you tax result to discuss.
  •  Checked by qualified tax consultant before its lodged.

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Online tax returns for Police officers

Online Web Tax Lodgment

How it works

We have spent a lot of time developing our Online tax preparation service which when submitted to us is thoroughly checked by our tax professionals before lodgment to the ATO. We have a lot of help buttons and checklist to assist you completing your tax online. If unsure call us and we will guide you through our online tax service. Police Officers

  • Simple 5 stage tax preparation service
  • Been to us before we will pre-load some of your details.
  • Haven't been before? we need some additional information.
  • login credentials supplied straight to your inbox.
  • On completion tax results will be displayed to your screen.
  • Either accept or amend your tax until you are satisfied.
  • We always telephone to discuss the tax results with you.
  • Can be used on your smart phone, Ipad, Tablet, Laptop or desktop.
  • We have added plenty of security protocols to protect your data.

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Online tax for Police officers -How it works

Online Web Tax Lodgment

Help and Support

We don't just leave you to flounder online we offer plenty of support and tax checklists to help you along the way to achieve the tax restults you want. Our friendly staff are also available to assist you any way we can.Police Officers

  •    1. Helpdesk hotline
  •    2. Online assistance tools
  •    3. Premium tax packages have live chat
  •    4. Telephone assistance if required

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Help and support for Police Officers doing their tax with us

Online Web Tax Lodgement


We have a large investment in IT infrastructure to negate the impact of cyber threats on all our online and internal systems. Automated bots are out there scanning for vulnerable websites, we have added a high end a web application firewall (WAF) If you’re registering on our website, or making credit card payment transactions, we have provided encryption for that connection. We use SSL certificates which creates a secure handshake between our website and our clients’ devices, ensuring that no third party can covertly slip in between and monitor, hijack, or shut down any transactions taking place.Police Officers

  •   Using SSL certificates
  •   Hi Tech Security Tokens
  •   High End encryption
  •  Military grade fire wall
  •   and more

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Online Web Tax Lodgment

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Comprehensive online tax system designed for the busy police officer or clients wishing to use a specialised online tax service with plenty of tax deductions just for police work.Police Officers

  • No need to register for this service
  • Simple 5 stage tax preparation service
  • Extensive help option online or simply call us
  • We always call you to discuss the results

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