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Police Officers-Contact Us

Police officers wanting the best possible tax deductions and great refund should make contact with us.

Police Officers-Tax solutions

Police Officers Let's talk |Call us on 1800 654 591. Happy to answer your queries.

Want some great advice to take your tax to the next level, or just say hi? Let's Chat!

Ways to contact us

Call us direct

We have an amazing team at office to assist tax clients anyway we can. Our friendly staff are here to help, please contact us for further information or if you need further assistance with bookings for face to face appointments or tax skype service. Nothing is too much trouble if we can assist any way at all.

  • Call to book appointments or book online.
  • Queries about our online tax systems & features.
  • Tax preparation or refund queries.
  • Unsure which service is best for you.
  • Telephone us even if you just want to chat!
  • Unsure which service is best for you.
Contact Us

Ways to contact us

Facebook Messenger

Our tax clients can send messages to our office and exchange photos, tax information such as group certificates and other relevant files. As long as a client has our mobile number 0418 327 096 or it's used via Facebook, the tax client will have instant communications with our office. We will endeavor to answer any queries or needs the client may have.

  • Quick response turnaround times.
  • Send us important information.
  • Request an appointment.
  • Ask us to call you back.
  • Want to know progress of your refund.
  • Any issues or concerns let us know.
Facebook messenger

Ways to contact us

Ask for Quote

If you have any special tax needs simply ask us to quote you. Our pricelist and charging methods are well advertised on our home page. If you have something more complex such as a capital gains tax issue or need an appointment for tax advise, we will let you know the exact cost you can expect.

  • Fixed price charges no surprises.
  • We charge a fair price for our work.
  • You will be compensated by the size of your refund.
  • Credit card facilities available at office or online.
  • You can fill in a request for a special quote online.
  • We are straight up about our pricing & quotes.

Ask for Quote

Ways to contact us

Join Our WhatsApp

With our WhatsApp connection you will be able to keep in the loop with important tax announcements available for Android and other smartphones. You will be kept up with the latest on any tax events and also reminders about ATO due dates.

  • Keep in the loop with our tax alerts
  • Appointment reminders sent
  • Contact on your laptop or smartphone
  • Secure messaging with end-to-end encryption
  • Only important alerts will be broadcasted.
  • Any breaking tax news we will let you know.

Join WhatsApp

Ways to contact us

Support Ticketing

Our help ticketing system will collect our clients support requests with a wide range of topics, queries or problems and manages them in one location. We are confident that we will be able to handle all of our client's questions and concerns. The process to resolve an issue is as follows:

  • An email is sent to us, from our client about a problem/issue.
  • We record when and how the issue occurs, and circumstances.
  • Ticket status most likely will be changed from open to pending.
  • When issue is fully addressed, it is marked as resolved.
  • If not fully resolved, it is escalated to the principal of the firm.
  • Our policy is if there's a problem we will fix it.
Support Ticketing
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Getting in touch with our friendly staff is easy. Contact our staff they will be more than happy to provide you more information, to better assist you in your quest to find the right tax preparation service.

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