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Its not the just the price of our tax service that matters, its the size of your ATO refund that counts! LET's do tax!

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Skype tax

Skype video tax conference with an experienced tax consultant that understands your job. Unlimited job income certificates. Interest, dividends & all govt payments. 85 occupation specific deductions. Most comprehensive deductions available. All tax offsets available. Help-with direct assistance from expert.

Family Tax

Standard tax return for spouse/friend or family members.

Landlord Tax

Specialised tax service for landlord'swishing to maximise their negative gearing tax benefits.

Value based pricing

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At police tax we place your tax preparation work as our highest priority. The reality is that ongoing costs impact on us being able to cover the costs of providing you with the best possible service.

The fees charged by this practice have to cover all of our practice costs including employing support staff and practice accountants. It also need to meet our operating costs including rent, computer equipment, electricity computers and insurance. It is not possible for this practice to meet our running costs each year and make a reasonable profit without increasing our fees.

When comparing tax services you need to do your homework and decide the right tax service for you and your family's needs. As Police tax specialists we have been doing Police tax for over 43 years. We know your and understand your occupation and tax deductions. Our services are value for money when you consider the net tax result. Don’t be fooled by cheap online tax services with hidden traps or cheap priced tax appointment services who don't fully understand your law enforcement work.

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Value based pricing

Payment Methods

To make it easy for you to pay our account, we offer 3 convenient options. You can either pay us by direct deposit into our bank account, or by providing us with your Visa or MasterCard details or Paypal.Generally payments are made online during making a face to face appointment or our popular Skype tax service.Online tax returns are paid for after stage two(2) completion of you online tax.

If you have adult children doing an apprentice or traineeship, we offer a special price of $150 for the preparation of your tax return, for each year until you finish your training. Also we have special discounts for New Police recruit Group squad members

  • Face to face services in person start from $225
  • Skype tax video service is $225
  • Online tax packages start from $155
  • Landlords get charged $50 per rental schedule
  • Skype packages
  • See our online service charges
Payment Methods

Value based pricing

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